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A fantastic preconfigured static website generator, based on Grunt.js

HappyPlan is a static website generator based on a bundle of amazing tools. It's just all about fun.

What in it ?

Notice: you can change/override/add stuff very easily, thanks to grunt. More about that in the documentation

Oh, by the way, why "happy plan" ? Here is not the answer.


Visit the documentation for all the things.



According you already have Node & NPM installed you can run this commands:

npm install -g grunt-cli happyplan-cli bower

Learn more about requirements.

Create a project using happyplan

Copy our Gemfile or create one with version you want, then

npm init
npm install happyplan --save-dev


When you want to fix a bug or add a feature, just be sure to get all testing requirements installed, & run tests before making your Pull Request.

You can run in one command the build process & the tests.

npm install
npm test

In case you don't know it yet, npm {cmd} just run the command {cmd} specified in the package.json script section. In our case, it run grunt test. And to be precise, the test task run the nodeunit one.

Tests some features

Features are tested using a simple build & a diff. Checkout test/features/* to find existing tested features. By default all features are tested, but you can run just some of them using the features option.

grunt test -features=feature1,feature2

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Come up and say hello on IRC! We'll be glad to answer you if you have any questions.

#happyplan on


Follow us on Twitter to get latest news: @happyplanapp.


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